The 10 most ridiculous internships ever advertised on JobBridge

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JobBridge is one of the most controversial schemes introduced in Ireland. The idea behind those internships is a good one – people get to rake up experience, while companies can get their work done on government dime – but the execution leaves a lot to be desired in many cases. There are people who were lucky enough to find a great working environment and were taken on after their internship ended. Then, there are those who can tell horror stories about the expectations of their employers and just how absolutely shocking they were, considering the pay. Whatever the numbers of people getting jobs after a JobBridge internship are, whatever the drop-out rate, that’s a topic for another post.

This week, I’m going to show you the 10 most ridiculous internships ever advertised on JobBridge. Click on through to read more!

1. Medical Scientist

Yes, you’ve read that right. Naas based HSE chapter was looking for an intern for nine months. It wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t specify that the candidate should have a Biomedical Science degree and be “eligible for membership of the Academy of Medical Laboratory Science.” Pretty steep requirements for a scheme that is supposed to teach you new skills, right?

2. Cleaner

Cleaner in @aquadome in Tralee – the latest #jobbridge abuse #rtept

— Suzy Byrne (@suzybie) November 12, 2013

Anyone else thinks that 9 months is a pretty long time to learn how to clean? And for just an extra €50 on top of your usual dole payment? Now, given, apparently this particular position was only announced because AquaDome were asked to join the scheme by someone who was interested in working for them, or so they claim. Still, it’s a pretty blatant abuse of the scheme.

3. Delivery Driver

Interflora was looking for a delivery driver through JobBridge. Because, obviously, it’s so difficult to learn how to drive and get to places on time. No, really, you have to be taught how to do that for 9 months, for less than minimum wage. Oh, and did I mention you had to know the area pretty well?

4. Slaughter Person

You read that right. This one is here mostly because, well, the intern will learn how to eviscerate the entrails and if that isn’t a selling point, I really don’t know what is. This one’s a real catch, people.

5. Sandwich Artist

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me a well made sambo. There’s art to careful layering of lettuce, tomatoes and bacon over cripsy bread with just the right amount of mayo. Mmm. But looking for an unpaid intern to do that instead of taking on permanent staff and training them? That’s a no go. And let’s call things as they are – they were looking for deli staff. Making it sound fancy doesn’t change the fact that you’re not paying your interns, Subway.


6. Chip Shop Assistant

This was the first ridiculous internship ad I’ve ever head about and it certainly stuck in my memory. I mean, really? Sure, capitalise on some poor Pat’s inability to find work and get him to work for you at no extra cost while you count the money you’re saving by not paying them. Oh, and apparently you needed Third Level IT related qualification to land this winner. Chips come with computers these days, don’t you know?

7. BER Certification & Land Mapping Engineer/Architect

It’s an oldie but a goodie. You remember how when JobBridge was announced, it was said it would equip people with new skills and that they wouldn’t have to have any previous experience? Apparently this particular company didn’t get the memo because they advertised a position for a fully qualified architect. Sometimes there’s just nothing else to do but sigh and shake your head at the state of the world.

8. Career Advisor

There’s something deeply ironic about this one. I bet whoever got that internship, their first advise for the client was “don’t do JobBridge.” Again, calling for a fully qualified and experienced person – way to miss the point of the scheme!

9. Water Meter Installer

So much for those jobs the government promised us to shut us up about introducing the water charges. Ah sure, they will create some jobs but they will sure take advantage of JobBridge, too. After all, the government needs to lead by example, and what better way to get some underpaid interns to do a job that should be done by people qualified in the trade?

10. Teacher

I left this one for last. There have been several listings for teaching positions on JobBridge, most of them looking for qualified teachers. Fantastic to see how so many years of education and training are valued, don’t you think? What better way to show kids what awaits them in the future? Emigration and ridiculous JobBridge internships for everyone!

And a bonus, so I don’t finish on such a depressing note:


Clearly a joke, but ah lads, definitely needed!


*** 11. More ridiculous internships! (Tweet them @GetXperience and we’ll publish them here)

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