4 Social Media Tasks for your Intern

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Currently I am undertaking an Internship program in the field of Social Media. I believe that Interns are in your organisation to work hard and gain valuable experience and exposure to the real world. The following tasks I think are the fundamental basis for any social media Internship.

1) Blogging

Blogging is a great way to showcase your Company. Allowing your Interns to produce blogs for your company will empower them, it gives them responsibility and feeling of belonging to a team. It also gives future Interns an insight into what to expect from your Internship program.

2) Account Creation

Most Interns will have a superior knowledge of creating social media accounts and making them attractive to their peers. Allow your Interns to create executive social media accounts for your Company and to populate them. Again this will give them great responsibility and empowerment. Set aside some time so that the Intern can teach you how these platforms operate, this is a great confidence booster for the Intern and a clever way for you to learn social media skills.

3) Research

Research in my opinion is the backbone to any social media task. Allow your Interns to research and create such things as profiles of your competition and what platforms they use and how they use them, profiles of our target markets and what platforms they use and how to best communicate with them.

4)  Analytic & Tracking

Allowing your Intern to create social media accounts for your company is good but it is worthless if you do not know weather they are beneficial to you. Using analytics to track your social media progress is a great way for your Intern to learn and understand the workings of social media.

What social media tasks have you set for your Interns? Please leave a comment.

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  1. Comment made by Claire Murphy on Jul 19th 2013 at 4:41 pm: Reply

    Another Very interesting piece Darren, especially like the piece about tracking….keep up the good work

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