5 Benefits of Hiring an Intern

Posted by | June 20, 2013 | Tips for Businesses

Hiring Interns can be very beneficial to your organisation. An Internship opportunity for your Business is not to be seen as a source of free labour  but rather a way to inject new energy and enthusiasm into your organisation.

 1. Increased Productivity

Having an Intern in your Organisation will allow you and your staff to become more productive as their is “an extra pair of hands” in the business. Having the Intern also allows more freedom for creativity as the burden of work is lifted due to the fact that the Intern’s work is of a high standard.

Also having an Intern in your Organisation will give you an indication on the standard of future employees of your Business.

 2. Fresh New Ideas

Like any new Employee, excitement is running through them and an Intern is no different. The Intern will be very eager and willing to impress the Employer with their high stand standards of workmanship during their Internship.

Students and Interns today are very Tech savvy with programs such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Photoshop etc. . . This can be used to your advantage to promote the Business in new and interesting ways to reach new markets. As the Intern is an outsider to the Business they can bring fresh and  new ideas  and this in turn will generate a new source of energy and perspective to your company.

3. Keep Staff in Their Toes

From the perspective of the Employer you want your Employees want to set a good example for your new Intern, as the new Intern will ask lots of questions and your Employees will want to to be helpful by providing correct and relevant answers & to share their knowledge and wisdom to the new Intern. This will keep your Employees on their toes and it puts everyone on a slightly higher plane of operation. The new Intern challenges the staff to perform better.

4. Improved Business Organisation

In Business today it can be very easy to get caught up in the daily routine of your tasks day after day, week after week without giving the policies and procedures of your organisation a thought. But with the introduction of the new Intern each and every member of staff will be forced to focus on the policies and procedures as the new Intern will want to know how your Business operates.

 5. Project Progress

If you have an idea for a new project, but don’t have the time to handle it yourself, an intern could be just what you need. Many businesses take on interns for the duration of a specific project since internships are usually short-term anyway. It just makes more sense than hiring an employee, and it’s more economical than outsourcing everything. This is perfect for those “back-burner” projects you’ve been meaning to get to but can’t.


Do you know of any other Benefits that your Organisation achieved by hiring an Intern? Please leave a comment below.


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