5 Fashion Internship Opportunities that Will Boost your Career

Posted by | January 9, 2014 | Tips for Interns

Style is eternal, fashion is forever. Are you always keeping up to date with the newest trends, what’s hot and what’s not? Do you spend all of your money in the likes of TopShop or River Island? If you’re mentally ticking all of these boxes in your head it looks like you should try your hand at doing a fashion Internship.


1. Small Boutiques

Generally small boutiques only hire one intern, which insures plenty of learning and experience, with pretty much full control over the day-to-day running of the boutique. Major tasks such as opening and closing the boutique, management tasks such as organising the roster and counting the cash at the end of a hard working day. This internship involves a lot of hands on work and an inundated amount of experience. Internships in small boutiques are usually quite easy to find, the owners are always looking for more hands on deck!


2. Big Fashion Brand

Internships for well-known and popular fashion brands are difficult to find but worth the effort. In this sector of the Fashion World, interning for big brands involve a lot of behind the scenes work. Looking at Spring/Summer outfits for the following year, weighing in on what the public wants and insuring everything goes smoothly. Usually these internships involve travelling around the smaller stores or working in the Head Office. Once you find a way in to such prestigious brands, the chances of you becoming a full time paid employee is very high!!


3. Fashion Magazine

With so many popular fashion magazines in Ireland such as, Xpose and Oohlala getting a magazine internship has become a lot easier in recent years. A lot of writing and voicing your opinion is involved. An internship like this is imperative for bloggers – looking at outfits, styling them and then writing about how them.


4. Fashion Event

With the RDS being a host for all things fashion related, from wedding shows to everyday catwalks it is an accessible intern opportunity. With the majority of colleges partaking in Fashion Shows, an opportunity like this is beneficial and easy to get, working with models, styling outfits and going over the running orders. Perfect for the fashionista’s interested in styling!


5. Internship Abroad

New York City and Paris are the two most prestigious places for Fashion Internships, not only are they a lot of fun they look so good on any resume!! With so many aspiring fashion designers and fashion fanatics in both places it is surprisingly easy enough to acquire one of these internships. It enables young fashionista’s a look at fashion in other countries, how they dress outfits up, how they organise a catwalk, what works and what doesn’t work. An internship abroad is probably the most beneficial and life changing experience.




From Small Boutiques to Fashion Magazine, the best way to kick start your fashion career is becoming an intern – and who knows – you could end up styling next years catwalk’s!

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