5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Internship This Summer

Posted by | May 5, 2014 | Tips for Interns

The summer break is nearly upon us. You’re probably spending all your free time (if you still remember what that is, of course) wondering what to do after your exams for which you’re preparing. You probably think it’s too late in the year to apply for an internship for the summer but that’s definitely not true. Check out the listings of internships we have up on our website, stalk websites of companies you’re interested in, reach out through the grapevine to find out if there are any internship opportunities still open for this summer.

Why should you bother doing an internship this summer, you ask? Read on and I’ll tell you.

1. Gain necessary experience

This one’s glaringly obvious. Getting a summer internship will allow you to put the knowledge you’ve gained in the classroom to practical use. After all, practice makes perfect. The experience you gain over the summer will give you an advantage of hitting the ground running once you’re done with college. Believe me, in today’s economy you can use all the advantages you can get.

2. Start on your network

I cannot stress the importance of networking enough. In today’s world, the people you know are just as important as the things you know. Having a wide network opens you up to countless possibilities when it comes to jobs and mentoring. Having a mentor is an important step in developing your career, as they will be able to help you shape the most important future – yours. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to start building your network, and consider getting an internship this summer.

3. Learn about your industry

Theoretical knowledge is all good, but there’s no better teacher than experience. And the best way to gain the experience of working in your industry is through interning. Given, most of the time your internship might not give you the ‘deepest’ understanding of the field, as the really important tasks are usually assigned to senior and permanent staff members. But just because you’re not part of those projects directly doesn’t mean you can’t learn about them. Keep your ears and eyes open, observe your coworkers and listen to them when they’re talking about the workload, the clients, the tasks and yes, the problems that come with their jobs.

4. Get a taste of what’s to come

Summer internships are a great way of dipping your toe in the water to test it. What better way to see if the things you’re studying in college are the right fit for you? As you learn more about your field, you will also have the chance to try out the whole 9 to 5 thing, which most jobs come with. You’ll find out whether or not you’re cut out for that kind of job, or if maybe you should rethink your future career path.

5. Beat boredom

I know what my biggest problem with a summer internship would be – the lack of free time that comes with school holidays. But the thing is, there’s only so long you can sleep in, work out and marathon stuff on Netflix. The time frames differ from person to person, of course, but I doubt that you could spend 12 weeks doing all that without being bored out of your mind. While an internship would take away your free time – it would also take away the possibility of boredom (unless you’re stuck with a mind numbingly boring internship, in which case look at heading number 4 and rethink your life choices).


Are you planning on getting an internship this summer? Why, or why not?


— Author: Lena Zwolak

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