5 Tips to Keep your Intern Productive

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As we have mentioned before in an earlier blog, “5 Benefits of Hiring an Intern” , it is very beneficial to your organisation to hire an Intern. Once you have your new Intern on board, what are the things you can do to keep them productive?


1. Give Them Something To Do

A big challenge when hiring an Intern is actually finding something for them to do as they are not yet trained/skilled/qualified in their field yet. The Interns want meaningful work  to do so that they feel like they are contributing to the organisation. They want, and more importantly need, the real life experience so allow them do real work  even if it is a small task.

2. Provide Regular Feedback

The first thing as the employer you need to remember when giving feedback to an Intern is that it is totally different than giving feedback to an employee for the main reason that the Intern is there to learn.

All feedback to your Intern should be done in a positive manner. Relate to the Intern your opinions on what they are doing well in a positive manner and also the things that they are not doing so well in also with a positive attitude. Feedback should be conducted daily, as it happens basis not on a weekly or monthly system.

 3. Help Identify Strengths

Find out what your Interns likes, this will provide you with a more honest answer than if asked “What are your strengths?” as the Intern may only give you an answer that they think you want to hear.

Also give them assignments that interests them as they might just find out for themselves what their true strengths really are.

 4. Make the Experience Usable


You want your Interns to learn new skills and develop their existing skills while they are in your organisation. You want them to go away with these skills and be able to adopt them when they gain employment. Teach them to describe the tasks they undertook so that they can talk about them in an Interview process. This is why tip #1 is important.


5. Value Interns

If you show your Interns that you appreciate their work and efforts, that you are happy with behaviour and overall attitude this will start the belief  that they are really cared and are part of the team, therefore improving productivity, motivation and morale.

All of the above tips feed back into your organisation, portraying your Business in the best light and giving it a great reputation.


Have you any more tips for keeping your Interns productive? If so please leave a comment below.


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