5 Tips on how to stand out in your Internship

Posted by | June 20, 2013 | Tips for Interns

As interns it can be very easy to get through your internship by just following instructions. Don’t blend into the shadows of a company and instead shine brightly by standing out from the crowd. Remember your internship is a stepping stone to a successful career. Being a kick ass intern may just be your key to getting hired.

1. Speak Up!

Being an intern at a brainstorming and strategy meeting can be very intimidating. Try your best not to feel intimidated and feel free to contribute ideas, after all you are also part of the team now.

Do your homework and contribute your ideas. Your contribution may spark ideas in others and you could potentially give the company a great  new idea. Your boss will remember you for it and you will be asked to join more brainstorming and planning meetings.

2. Be Proactive 

Once you start your internship you will get your job description. You need to be prepared and willing to do any task no matter what is in your job description.

Impress your co-workers and managers by offering to lend a hand wherever possible.This will show you have passion for all aspects of the company. This will also earn you brownie points from your colleagues and your boss.

3. Show Initiative

Working with people that do not use their initiative can make a work load twice as big. No matter what kind of business you work in every company looks for people with initiative.

Do things that you know need to be done without, waiting for your boss to ask or request to shadow them during meetings. This will show you are interested in all aspects of the company. It will also help you decide whether or not you could see yourself having a future with the company.

4. Ask for Feedback


The main purpose of an internship is to learn and grow from the experience.You can achieve this through regular feedback.

Asking for feedback off your employer will not only show your willingness to learn and improve but will also show your boss that you are dedicated to your own professional development during your time within the company.

5. Ask your Boss out

No, not on a date! Near the end of your internship you have nothing to lose so man up and ask your most senior employer out for a cup of coffee on  your lunch or break.

This is an opportunity to show your boss just how ambitious you are. Ask them a list of questions which you have prepared.You can ask how you did in your internship? What can you do to improve? and also ask for advice they can give you for your future.

You never know your courage and ambition might just land you a full time job in the company.


So go ahead and be a kick ass intern! If you have any other suggestions on how to stand out during an internship please comment below.

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