5 Ways to Spot an Intern on Dublin Streets ;)

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While most posts on this blog are on the topic of how interns can help your business, but do you actually know how to spot an intern on a street? They are amongst us, walking the same streets, sitting in the same cafés, riding the same buses, writing the blog posts you’re reading (right now, even). On a more playful note, I’m going to let you know how you can spot interns on Dublin streets.

Can you spot them?

1. Look for the badges.

Interns are proud creatures. Those who are lucky enough to get a company pin rarely take it off their coat or jacket. So the next time when you’re stopping to grab a quick bite around Grafton Street, keep an eye out on people with badges on their jackets. More likely than not, 3 out of 5 of those people are interns who work for Google, Facebook or any other company who likes to mark their interns so that they stand out of the crowd.

2. Watch out for the bumpers.

If you’re wandering up O’Connell or Grafton Street and get bumped into by someone with their nose stuck in their tablet or smart phone, there’s a good chance that that person is an intern. Today’s interns like keeping up to date on the go and social media certainly makes that possible. So next time someone bumps into you as you walk up Westmoreland Street, check them out for the aforementioned badges!

3. Find them by their knowledge of Dublin’s transport.

There’s no denying that Dublin’s public transport is… tricky, to put it politely. Getting from Dublin 3 to Dublin 8 can take time, not to mention skill. Knowing which bus to take, when to change for the LUAS, or if maybe DART would be a better option is the sort of knowledge gained through many grueling tries. However, most of the interns I know have an uncanny knack for knowing when to show up at which bus stop to find the optimal and quickest route to their destination. It’s like they have an affinity for figuring out Dublin Bus – enviable skill, that!

4. Get to know them at the trendiest networking place.

Whether it’s the Mercantile, the Workman’s, the Turk’s Head or Lafayette, the interns know where they can network over a pint or a cocktail. They will know the best spots in Dublin to broaden your professional and private networks and they might be able to suggest a great place for your upcoming Christmas party (you better get on planning that, it’s nearly November!), so be sure to ask ‘em.

5. Ask them for the name of your barista.

Whether it’s Starbucks on Dame Street, Accents Lounge on Lower Stephen Street or Costa on Nassau Street, no matter where the intern gets their coffee, they’re probably on a first name basis with the barista. After all, they see each other pretty often – daily, if not twice a day, or more, depending on the caffeine intake of the intern and their co-workers. So the next time you’re standing in queue for your hot beverage and you hear the person in front of you refer to the barista by their name, you can be pretty sure they’re an intern.


Do you have any other ways of spotting interns on the busy streets of Dublin? Let me know in the comments and I will sure keep an eye on ‘em!

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