6 Key Interview Questions you should Ask an Intern.

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Interviewing an Intern is a totally different experience than interviewing for a full time employee, for the reason that the majority of Interns will have no work experience or track record. This makes it quite difficult to figure out if the Intern has the ability & professionalism to fit into your organisation.

To overcome this all you need to do is know what you want & to ask the right questions.

1. What are you Studying & why?

This question will help the intern feel comfortable as they have answered this question a number of times before.

It also gives you an insight into the Interns goals and ambitions.

2. Why did you apply to Intern at our Company?

A question of this nature will show if the Intern has real passion for the Industry. This will be shown if the Intern has researched your Company.

3. How will This Internship Prepare you for your Career?

This will highlight the Interns expectations from your Internship Program and again give you insight into their goals.

4. Explain a Challenge you had to Overcome & how you did it?

This is a classic interview type question, but a very important one. The answer given to this question will give you an understanding of how driven the Intern is.

5. Can you Demonstrate a time in which you had to manage multiple projects?

Asking a question similar to this style will indicate weather the Intern has good Organisational and Leadership skills or if they are easily distracted.

6. Do you Have any Questions?

All potential Interns should have at least one question prepared to ask at the end of the Interview. This shows great interest and also proves that they were paying attention to you during the Interview.


What questions did you ask your Interns during your last Interview?  Please leave a comment below.

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