Internship or Part-Time? Pro’s and Cons to make a decision

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Being a student, working is always a tricky subject- managing the balance between funds and college work always proves to be a difficult one. Part time work is usually the least fun – working in a an environment your not interested in to get a bit of money versus working in your dream job with a lot of work and no money. Its always a hard decision to make, hopefully these Pro’s and Con’s will help you make that all important decision.

Part-Time Pro’s and Con’s

  • Flexible hours

Usually working part-time in any job allows quite flexible hours – you choose when you’re free to work and what times suit you best. This is always important when scheduling work with college!!

  • Guaranteed money

Although you probably won’t be earning megabucks – part time work always boosts that bank balance. The thoughts of that weekly or monthly payslip pushes the incentive of part-time work.

  • Limitations

Usually students without qualifications are limited to certain jobs – retail, sales assistants, waiters, and so on. Working in an environment you don’t enjoy can prove to be quite stressful and unappealing.

  • Stress

Ultimately the pressure and stress that comes hand-in-hand with part-time work is always overbearing. The necessity to keep your job for income can affect your mood and your ability to work well in college. Certain seasons involve more hours and less time for college – Christmas time is a busy season for all genres of work, and with college exams starting around the same time it’s essential to choose which is more important. When it comes to part-time work you can’t just pick up and go whenever you want.

 Internship Pro’s and Con’s

  • Valuable experience

It is undeniable the amount of experience gained from doing an internship is substantial. It allows you an insight into your likes and dislikes and helps you decide what you want to do with your future career. 

  • Possibility of getting hired

Statistics show that the chances of getting hired after doing an internship are very high. This, alongside the accredited company on your C.V allows future employers an insight into your working ability.

  • Your interests

Unlike part-time work, doing an internship allows you to choose the field of work, be it fashion or computing the opportunities are limitless. Generally speaking no experience is required which allows anyone the chance to work in their dream job – even if it is just for six months or a year!

  • Hard work

A lot of times internships can be a little disheartening at the beginning – a lot of running around and hard work. At the start it can seem as though your being taken advantage of or working too hard, but at the end of the day it is usually worth it in the long run!!

  • Income

The main flaw to most internship’s is the income aspect. As interns usually don’t have experience or qualifications they usually go unpaid, which can sway people into not doing them. Although some internships are paid it is still quite seldom, unfortunately.


All in all, both Part-Time work and Internships provide substantial experience – allowing you to discover your likes and dislikes. It really just depends whether your willing to work for little or no money doing a job you love, or working for a good bit of money doing a job your not interested in.


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