6 Tips to Gain Company Followers on LinkedIn

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These days the marketing world of B2B is done mainly online, especially through the use of LinkedIn. The best way to make an impact on LinkedIn is by growing your Company page i.e. increasing followers. Gaining company followers on LinkedIn is essential as it increases your company’s visibility as your updates will be seen throughout your LinkedIn community. Many large Organisations can afford to run an advertisement campaign on LinkedIn to increase their followers, but a start up company can’t because they do not have the budget to do it.

1. Install Follow Button on Website

This may sound very obvious but it is the easiest way to increase your followers by making it simple  for visitors to click the button to follow your Company page on LinkedIn. Click here to get your  Follow Company Button. 

2. Join Groups/ Create Your Own

By taking part in group discussions or becoming a member of a group on LinkedIn it is a very effective way to highlight your Company & to share your content to a wider audience.  You can also create your own group to share your content. If you have created your own group then your members may want your updates sent to their inbox, this is a great way to increase your followers.

3. Share you Content

Do you produce content? If you are not, you are going to find it rather difficult to attract new people to your company page. When I say produce content I don’t mean  writing a daily blog, I mean that you should be sending out regular updates. On your blogs add the Follow Company page button to increase the chances of gaining more followers.

4. Engage your Employees

Ensure that your staff are on LinkedIn firstly, then get them to share the updates from the company page. I’ll put it into context, If you have a company of 20 Employees and each Employee has 50 connections on LinkedIn that exposes your content to 1000 people which again increase the likelihood of gaining more followers for your Company page.

 5. Cross Promote

There is no harm is asking your Facebook Fans & Twitter Followers to follow your LinkedIn Company page. Just give them the link and also a teasing call to action and sit back and wait.

6. Analyse your LinkedIn Company Page Insights

Your LinkedIn Insights are a great & valuable source of information on how your company is trending. LinkedIn gives you data about the visitors to your company page.The data includes:

  • Demographics
  • What Industry the visitor is from
  • What company they work for
  • Their position in the company
  • How many employees in the company & so much more.

With these tips you should increase your followers on your company page but also improve your company perception, build a brand and most importantly attract new Business.

Do you have any more tips on to gain LinkedIn company page followers? If so please leave a comment below.

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