What you Should Know about Social Media Before you Start your Internship

Posted by | February 29, 2016 | Tips for Interns

Social Media has become vital to the majority of companies that you will be applying to internships for. Nothing looks better than going into an interview with content to show the interviewer 🙂

That blog you started four years ago will help show your writing skills. And the Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn account will help show your potential boss that you are knowledgeable in how to use the most popular social media sites.

Going into your first day of the internship armed with your social media skills will make the whole process much easier, you more confident and the whole experience will definitely be more enjoyable!


1. Social Media Accounts

There is nothing better than being able to go into a new internship with something productive to show for yourself. Having your own social media pages, whether its Twitter, Instagram or a blog, it’s good to show that you have prior experience and knowledge with these popular social media platforms.

Your blog might be about something completely irrelevant from what your current internship is – but any example of your writing skills and knowledge of blogging websites is sure to impress your boss.

Make sure that all of your pages are work-place appropriate 🙂

Even though they are personal accounts, it’s always a good idea to have a ‘well-mannered’ page that will reflect positively on you and your new employers. There may be pages to delete, and new pages to start for your new internship – but being highly active on social media is always a good idea.

2. Blogging

Food, fashion, music, movies – you can have a blog on just about anything imaginable these days. Blog hosting sites are typically user-friendly and you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Whether it’s starting out on a simple Tumblr blog, and moving up to the likes of Blogger or WordPress, having a published site online is a great way to show off your writing skills. A blog about your summer of interrailing is still useful to show to your new boss-  even though it is completely irrelevant to what you are now working on.

The same as social media, companies nowadays are looking to see how you can manage a blog site, and having blogging skills going into an internship is a great selling point.

Find something you are interested in, or that is relevant to your field of work and start a blog – writing a short entry every day will build your writing skills, and give you something beneficial to show your employer.

3. Linkedin

The Facebook of the professional world – LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great platform to have a running resume/CV for yourself. Not only can you publish all of your education history and employment, but you can publish all of your skills that companies may be looking for.

You can post how great you are at formatting PowerPoint presentations, and how creating Excel spreadsheets is one of your favorite past times 🙂

LinkedIn allows for you to stay connected on a professional level with people, and is a great way to find new job opportunities. LinkedIn, similar to Facebook, may suggest people to ‘connect’ with. Aside from secondary school classmates you haven’t spoken to since graduation, you can also follow influential people, or businesses on LinkedIn. Various content can be shared amongst your connections, and conversations can be had on the site as well.

So take the plunge, download the LinkedIn app and begin updating your professional life, instead of your Facebook status.


Author: Kathleen Mannion


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